Your Photos Should Be About You

You were uniquely made. You're not like anyone else who has ever been and there will never be another just like you. Who are you? Whether you're funky, sporty, smarty, trendy......whoever you are, that's who I want to meet, celebrate and photograph!

And forget what you've heard about senior portraits. Every pose doesn't have the be the same. Cheesey yearbook photos are a thing of the past. I will create something new and unqiue to you and your personality. So do your own thing. Start a new trend. Be different. Be noticed. Whether your style is wild, weird, conservative or contemporary, it's all about you.


I've worked with a wide range of seniors from a lot of the schools around Louisville. As you can tell from my samples, I work to capture individuality and spontaneous moments so your personality will show in every one of your images. Not only will you love your photos, but my desire is to help you to enjoy the journey there. Photoshoots should be fun, not a chore. So be creative, be spontaneous, be weird, be funky, be old school, be hip, be conservative, be sporty......but whatever you do, be you!

I am not a corporate giant so I schedule relatively few seniors each year. I'd love for you to be one of them, so check out my booking page and let's get started.


To be a model you must be confident in who you are, be involved in lots of school activites, be fun, be willing to work for me. I take 6-10 models per year to represent me in their school. Models will recieve a special package in exchange for spreading the word about me to their friends. To get more information or to sign up for my Limo Day Modeling shoot please check out